About Us

“We’re changing the world. We’re doing all the right things for all the right people for all the right reasons. And it’s a load of fun.” -Coach Greg Glassman


We selected this quote from Coach Glassman because it’s pretty darn powerful. We fell in love with the CrossFit group1lifestyle, became passionate about living a healthy life and now we look forward to changing other people’s lives. The best part of this whole deal is that it’s a load of fun.

CrossFit is defined as constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity. Simply put, we have the capacity to move heavy sh*t over long distances and we can do it hella quick. The overall goal is to improve your fitness. CrossFit does not specialize in any one genre of fitness, it’s specializes in not specializing. It is broad, general and inclusive by design.
Our CrossFit program is designed to get you in the best shape of your life! We incorporate calisthenics, gymnastics, weightlifting, kettle bells, running…. and anything else we can think of that will increase your overall strength and conditioning, making your fitness experience engaging and preparing you to take on anything life might throw at you. Bar none we believe it is the most effective fitness and conditioning system in the world!

We train like top athletes – the only difference being intensity (speed & weight) and volume. In all cases, the best results come when training includes functional movement (that which replicates real life movement), at high intensity (relative to your ability) and with constant variety (never get bored/keep the body guessing).

At CrossFit Breed we are big on building a stronger community and having fun. We get to know ALL our athletes on a first name basis, learn their abilities and work towards their individual goals. So if you want to get kick ass strong, super-fast and crazy healthy all in an engaging amazing atmosphere don’t hesitate to try our free introductory class or call to find out what CrossFit can do for you.

It’s hard, fun, exciting, challenging, and we will push you to be your absolute best!