Our Story

Hutch Valentin

Owner & Head Coach

I want to “Inspire Developement through Fitness”.  At CrossFit Breed we are building strong bodies and even stronger minds.

For me, 2013 has been the most electrifying, exhilarating and amazing year ever, yet at times it has been exasperating and worrisome. It was a life changing year. I resigned from the New York City Transit Authority after 13 years of service to purse my coaching passion.  CrossFit Breed represents a healthy lifestyle brand.

From my very first exposure to CrossFit I knew I wanted to inspire, educate and motivate as many people as possible in this fitness lifestyle.  CrossFit incorporates all aspects of human functional movement, trains the mind and body to move in unison and illustrates an artistic show of fitness. I knew I wanted to tell everyone about CrossFit and all it’s benefits. I wanted to leave my mark in this world, some positive legacy that I can be proud of, something for my daughter.  CrossFit Breed is this legacy . I opened a fitness center to inspire, develop and evolve others to become their best version.

Liz “LizFiggie” Figueroa

Owner & Member Services


“I absolutely love everything about CrossFit and what it transforms people into.” -LizFiggie

After starting CrossFit in 2012, I have had an extremely life changing experience. Hutch convinced me to try CrossFit at a local box and since then I was completely hooked. As much as I would love to say that I was an athletic person growing up, I wasn’t. I never liked working out or going to the gym until I was introduced to Crossfit. Engaging with the community, and pushing myself in ways I have never experienced completely took center stage in my life. I decided to embark on this CrossFit journey discovering the importance of nutrition and keeping my body healthy.  Although I will probably never be the most competitive athlete, I fully enjoy setting and achieving my own personal goals. I thrive off of helping others, and I thoroughly enjoy keeping myself educated in order to provide accurate knowledge to live a healthy and happy life.