Gym Hygiene

Hey guys, just like in any other gym on the planet, hygiene in our CrossFit gym matters.  In a nutshell, good hygiene is a BIG deal.  Especially in an environment filled with germs just waiting to attack.  Practicing good hygiene habits will not only keep you and others from getting sick, but it will also save you from potential infections, and other yucky things. After all: germs are everywhere!

Think about how sweaty (and sometimes even bloody!) we get at a CrossFit gym…..yet we rarely remember to wipe everything down when we’re done.  Do your friends and yourself a favor and be sure to clean any and all sweat, blood, spit, tears, and other messes off before you leave for the day.  Let’s try and do this more often, so we can all have a ‘fresh start’ when we pick up a piece of equipment!

Another thing that goes without saying is to always wash your hands before and after you work out!  The gym is, without a doubt, one of the biggest germ and bacterial infested places you can be in.  Not even the best cleaning crew in town could keep all the equipment 100% germ-free, 24 hours a day.  It’s just not feasible. So folks, PLEASE wash your hands before and after each workout if you want to avoid both spreading and contracting illnesses.


Just as a hot soapy shower after an intense CrossFit workout is a must to help us rinse off the sweat and become fresh again, the same goes for our workout clothes, accessories, and gym shoes!  PLEASE try not to use the same gym clothes and gear every session. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of just leaving them at work, or stuffing them into a handy gym bag, and then putting them back on again the next time you want to get your WOD on.  Don’t do it, it’s important to take them home and wash them regularly before wearing them again.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that nasty germs and not-so-sweet smells can live in your clothes and accessories, too!  Shoes that stay in your cubby should be sprayed daily with Febreeze or Lysol to kill germs.  Best to maintain a routine in which you clean ‘em up, switch ‘em out, and keep ‘em fresh!

Thank you for doing your part at keeping our gym as healthy, clean and fresh as we’d like our bodies to be!

What’s New?


Congratulations to Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey on winning the 2017 CrossFit Games. What an exciting year this has been for CrossFit in general and for our CrossFit Breed community. We, the coaches, are so excited for the upcoming season and can’t wait to see how you guys develop into your best version ever.
We are so excited to announce so many new ideas, changes, events and programs to serve you guys in the best way and to provide you with the best coaching, professionalism, and service we have to offer. Instead of writing out all these ongoing ideas and developments that will be unfolding within the next few weeks, I will just bullet point them with a brief description.

There are lots of developments, some have started, others will begin soon and some are for the near future. So please bear with us as these ideas catch momentum and begin to roll out.

The Manifest Project – our 6-week foundations’ course which provides new athletes with the confidence and a better understanding of the CrossFit methodology. The coaches are working on providing the best-standardized program to teach mechanics followed by consistency and then and only then add intensity. This currently is an optional On-Ramp course.

Friday Night Lights – If you recall the CF Opens when we had competitive heats or throw downs on Friday evening, the atmosphere was electrifying. We want to bring that excitement back. Coach Alex will be creating workouts and “friendly” match ups to go head to head every (or at least most) Friday Nights followed by celebratory drinks and snacks.

CrossFit Team Series – brought to you by CF headquarters and will be done during some of the Friday Night Light events. This is a 2-person team event, so recruit your best friend or we can link up teams. You both pay $20 and team up vs. the entire CrossFit community. Test your fitness, this is just like the CF Open but in a team fashion. EVERYONE should sign up. I will be checking. Register now at Workouts will be announced the week of September 20th.

Coach’s Internship Program – You will be seeing assistant coaches helping out with The Manifest Project and also CrossFit classes. They will be shadowing, assisting, instructing and developing their coaching skill alongside our coaching staff.

Coffee Break – to better serve our athletes and learn individual goals on a 1 on 1 basis we would love to take a coffee break with individual members. Our coaching staff will randomly select members for a 20-minute coffee break to chit chat about life, CrossFit, family, injuries or anything else that will help and build better relations between you and your coaches. We are here for you guys and value your ideas and feedback. We want to serve you in the best possible way in and out of the gym. Days and time will be subject to availability from both parties.

Referral Program – CrossFit spreads by word of mouth and who better to spread the word than the members. We know you rave about CrossFit to your friends and family so we want to give back to you as well as a gift to your friends and family with this program incentive. Details TBA soon.

New Breed Programming – Going back to basics. Constantly Varied, Functional Fitness at High Intensity is the core principle in producing the most bang for your buck. The Breed coaches have collaborated in producing such a program that will begin Monday, August 7. It will be lots of basic Gymnastics to develop strength, layered with Weightlifting skill work to improve technique and an overarching design of Intensity to increase Cardiovascular capacity. I am so excited to roll this program out. It will be fun, exciting and challenging for athletes of all levels.

Gymnastics Class – Thursday’s at 7 PM with Coach Alex. To develop and improve body weight movements.

Yogility – Thursday at 8 PM & Sunday at 9:30 AM with Amy. To increase flexibility and improve recovery. Athletes need to take advantage of this class.

New Membership Contracts – as always we are trying to offer the most competitive and best prices in town. Check out our new contracts on our price page or the front desk.

CrossFit Breed Branding – New logo, new apparel, new website, new attitude, new goals, new everything in the future. Closing in on our 4 year anniversary I would love to close out with an epic celebration (TBA) and commence our 5th year with a powerful enthusiasm and an unmatchable excitement.

So here’s to a limitless, stronger, faster future. Fitness is Life.

Drop-In to other Boxes


Dropping In

A little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Chicago – it was all work-related, but as soon as I had confirmation about my flights and hotel room, I did what anyone who’s become dedicated to CrossFit does.

I started looking for boxes to go to while I was away.

I knew I would be gone for three+ days, so I went online and found three boxes to visit.  I reached out to each of them, and they were all more than willing to let me come in for a session.

Why?  Why would I do that?

for-indiIt’s always good to go and see how other people do things:  you might pick up a new stretch to try (I did), get some tips on a movement (I did), learn a new way to work on a deficit (I did), or even find a jump rope that works just right for you (yes – I did that, too).

I started my tour with a stop at CrossFit Park Ridge.  One of the benefits of contacting boxes ahead of time is that you get to find out when a good time to stop in will be; in this case, it was 7:30pm.  It was a small group (just the coach, myself and two other people), so it made for a fun WOD:




Warm-Up:      500m row003 (3)
Standing pigeon stretch
Shoulder stretches

WOD: 15 minute AMRAP

– 105 single unders
– 7 box jumps at 24 inches
– 5 V-ups
– 3 power cleans at 105#

Cool-Down:    1000m row

Here, I got some tips on my foot position for my cleans, as well as found a jump rope that worked really well for me (so I have to save up my money).  Also, it was first time attempting V-ups, and it helped me make the connection to toes-to-bar.

The next night, I took a cab over to O’Hare CrossFit – probably the farthest one from my hotel, but definitely was worth the trip.  My coach was Becca Chilczenkowski, a Wodapalooza competitor who also finished 7th in this year’s Open for the North Central women’s division.  This place definitely gave me the hardest workout of the three:

Warm-Up:      Pigeon stretches13055157_1015215248574032_1748718601773437235_o

Lat rollouts with PVC pipes

WOD A: EMOM for 3 minutes
– Wall-facing goblet squats

WOD B: 3 sets of…
– 5 snatch-grip Romanian deadlifts at 155#
– FLR on hands for max effort

– 400m run
– 40 abmat situps
– 3 deadlifts at 195#

This was definitely the type of workout that reminded me of home.  One of the things I noticed was that there was no ‘Scaled’ or ‘Rx’; instead, programming was broken down into ‘Fitness’ and ‘Performance.’  We’ll see this again in a couple of minutes.

The next day started with a trip to my third and final box, CrossFit 88.  This one has connections to O’Hare CrossFit, as some of the coaches started off there.  Like O’Hare, the workout is broken down into Fitness and Performance, and while I figured I would be doing the Fitness version, the coach put me into the Performance group.  We ended up doing a very unique chipper, and it put me through the paces…

Warm-Up:      FLRs on hands

Standing lunges

Skill: Double-unders

WOD: 4 min AMRAP
– 200m run
– 10 burpee box jump overs
– 20 hanging knee raises
– 30 push press at 95#
– 40 KBS at 44#
– 50 double-unders

Two minute rest, and then…

6 min AMRAP
– 200m run
– 10 burpee box jump overs
– 20 hanging knee raises
– 30 push press at 95#
– 40 KBS at 44#
– 50 double-unders

Two minute rest, and then…

8 min AMRAPIMG_2959
– 200m run
– 10 burpee box jump overs
– 20 hanging knee raises
– 30 push press at 95#
– 40 KBS at 44#
– 50 double-unders

As I look back at these three experiences, I’m definitely glad that I did them:  I got to see new places, meet fellow crossfitters, and do a few things that I hadn’t tried before.  And that’s something I want to do again, soon – but for now, it’s time to go back to CrossFit Breed.

Because there’s no place like home.

Nutritional Challenge Accepted

lurong summertime

Challenge Accepted

Today marks the start of the 2016 Lurong Summer Challenge, and since we have a lot of people trying out the program for the first time, I thought I’d share what going through past challenges have taught me…

Patience. Not just with doing the workouts (more on that later), but overall. If you stick to the program, you will see results. It was frustrating for me the first time around because I lost a few pounds that first week, but then I plateaued – hard. It lasted for about three or four weeks (the Fall Challenge is seven weeks long), and it was driving me crazy; here I was, following the program to the letter, and I wasn’t losing any more weight! It wasn’t until the second-to-last week of the program that I started losing weight again, and by the time I was done, I had lost over fifteen pounds in total. So, practice a little patience.

Do the workouts. Don’t skip on them (even after you find out what they are), and most importantly, don’t skip on the first and last one. Those two are designed to show where you were at the start of this journey, and where you are at the end of it. If you’ve done any of the Open workouts, then you can do this. And it’s even scaled nicely: you can choose Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. The first challenge I did, I went for Level1 on all of the workouts – the second time, I stuck with Level 2 as often as possible. This time around, I’m probably going to stay mostly in Level 2, with an eye towards Level 3.

That said…

Learn the workouts. They’re released every Sunday evening, complete with the standards for each Level and, even better, with full videos demonstrating them. And pay attention to the rep/round scheme; I made that mistake during this Pre-Challenge Workout a few weeks ago, and didn’t stay on top of my rounds. It wasn’t until I watched the video that I realized that I did an extra round because I wasn’t keeping track of them in my head!

Also, knowing the workouts, seeing them done, learning them, that will help you decide what Level you should go for.

(See – I told you I’d talk about that!)

Scale yourself appropriately. This applies to both the workouts and the meal plan since both of them have three Levels. Level 1 is set up for people new to the workouts, and to the Paleo way of eating, whereas Level 2 is designed more for people who have experience with both under their belts (both weight belt and pants belt). Finally, Level 3 workout are hardcore – super strict. Research all of them so that you know where you’re going to start.

Like I said earlier, my first Lurong Challenge, I stayed at Level 1 for the workouts; but because I had already spent most of the summer before it doing Paleo, I tackled the meal plan at Level 3. Was it tough? Yes – especially since there’s no room for cheats or anything. Take that into consideration.

Stick to the (meal) plan. The meal plan is there to help you: everything is laid out for you, all you have to do is follow through on it. Don’t like the what’s on the schedule for Tuesday’s lunch? You can go through the recipe book and find something that you do like. Stick to the meal plan and the recipe book as much as you can.

And when it comes to meal prep, find yourself the time to do the work in advance. I usually have Saturdays and Sundays off, so I would l do all of the food shopping for the upcoming week’s menu on Saturday, and then spend that Sunday cooking as many of the meals in advance as I could. Having those meals already made and waiting for you in the fridge will definitely help you stick with the plan.

Find out what’s allowed and what’s not. There’s a chart on the website that shows you what is approved, what you can have in moderation, and what’s a cheat – I print that chart out and tape it to the door of my fridge. This way, I have that quick reference.

And if there’s something that you like to normally have, and it’s not approved for your level, find a workaround: use coconut sugar instead of white sugar, or tapioca starch instead of corn starch. There are recipes all around, and so many ‘regular’ items can be revised using ingredients that are approved.

Take advantage of everything the program has to offer you. There are contests, there are opportunities to track how you’re doing in the Challenge, there are opportunities for you to create goals for yourself and track your progress on them. Every time some announcement was made about a feature – adding goals, entering a recipe onto the site – I took it on because it kept me engaged in the program, and the more engaged I was in it, the more I got out of it.

The Challenges work – I know because I’ve already been through several of them, to the point that I look forward to them. I’m looking forward to this new Challenge, and I’m looking forward to going through it with my Breed family.

What Are You Eating?



Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain mass or muscle, one of the key elements in any program you undertake is what you’re eating.

I’m not talking ‘diet,’ because wherever you look, there’s some sort of new philosophy: Zone, Paleo (probably the most widely-observed in CrossFit), and the “If It Fits Your Macros” plan are just a few – and the more popular ones – that come to mind. What I’m talking about is just a basic understanding of what and how you’re eating. And if you want to succeed in either end result, then it all comes down to one question: Are you eating clean?

What is eating clean? I think that the best assessment of that so far comes from Coach Greg Glassman himself:

“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar.
Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body fat.”


Think on that for a second; it’s fairly simplistic, isn’t it? What to eat, and how to eat. But can we build on that, expand that statement even more?

Sure – how about “eat high-quality meats and vegetables”? Those two words make a huge difference right there: would you rather eat high-quality products or poor-quality products? Remember, garbage in, garbage out.

So what determines high quality? Is it something seasonal? Something natural? Organic? Certified organic?

Generally, regardless of which of those qualifiers you tend to lean towards, there are certain similarities which you should go by; everything should be as fresh as possible. There should be no discolorations, no off smells. Meats should be grass-fed, the chicken should be cage-free, fish should be wild caught and vegetables should be organic, slightly firm to the touch without being mushy.

Grass-fed, cage-free and wild-caught refers to the animal being allowed to roam free and eat a natural diet.

The best place to find these foods is, obviously, the supermarket; and the best advice you can follow when you’re there is to stick to the very outer aisles of the supermarket: produce, meats and seafood, and dairy. If you have to go down one of the regular aisles for something, then make sure to read the labels. If there are more ingredients on the label than you have fingers, if you can’t pronounce any of the ingredients you see, or if you find yourself asking if any one ingredient was made in a lab, then a) it’s not high-quality, b) it’s not clean, so ‘a’ plus ‘b’ equals ‘stay away.’

And for what it’s worth, if you don’t know what on the label indicates the quality of meat, poultry or seafood, then this is for you…

Quality grades
For meat include Prime, Choice and Select, with Prime being the highest-quality grade. Prime cuts are usually reserved for the high-end restaurants, steakhouses, and hotels, but if you can find some, then buy it. The Choice is the most common top-quality cut found in supermarkets and club stores, followed by Select. Anything else – Standard, Commercial, Choice/Select (or Select Choice, both of which are hardly seen these days), or ungraded – should be avoided.

For poultry, you want to look for a USDA Grade A on the label; Grade B, Grade C or no grade should be avoided, since those are usually used in processed chicken products (i.e., nuggets).

Finally, for seafood, you want to look for anything indicating an NMFS inspection, and only stick to seafood with an A Grade – avoid anything with a Grade B, Grade C, and (especially) Below Standard.

Clean eating is no-nonsense, simple eating, without any additives, preservatives or hidden sugars. It provides your body with the best fuel possible to help you reach your goals.13087881_950019925119205_820726123459690760_n

Side NoteThe Woodbine is offering Ridgewood Farm Shares.  This is fresh, organic, affordable vegetables from farms upstate to our family and friends in Ridgewood.

Article by: Kevin Byrne

My First CrossFit Competition


written by Kevin Byrne

“3…2…1 – GO!”

You’re standing there, completely nervous when you finally hear it.  The nervousness stays with you for a moment or two, but then it’s quickly replaced by the adrenaline rush, and before you know it, the moment is over, and you’re left lying on the floor, building up the energy you need to stand up…and go through it all over again.

That’s what happens during a CrossFit competition.

13063008_1015215075240716_4705108153311387960_oRecently, four teams from CrossFit Breed took part in one such competition, out in New Jersey:  Breed Nation (Coach Hutch and Janice Vargas), Gorkhali Breed (Coach Alex and Coach Prabesh), Uptime Breed (Amy Hoffman and Ralph Torre) and Team Stay Strong (Kevin Byrne and Frankie Echevarria), along with Dominika Jargilo and Mia Matkovic.  For some of us, it was our first ever competition; for others, it was a continuation of the path we’ve already laid out for ourselves, and for the rest, it was an opportunity to cheer their CrossFit family members on.

For those who’ve never done it before, participating in a competition is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and something that everyone should try at least once.  It’s an opportunity to really test yourself, outside of the box, and see how far you can push yourself – for example, everyone who competed hit a PR on their clean and jerk, and everyone did the almost unthinkable by taking part in not one, but five WODs in a single day.

What else happens at a competition?  How about…13029523_1015923875169836_4200544890727637082_o

…meet awesome people:  whether they were competitors from other boxes, or vendors, or part of the competition staff, you’re going to meet people and start talking to them.  And seeing as how this is CrossFit, how can that be a bad thing?

…bonding with the other competitors from your box:  you’ll be cheering them on during their performance, and creating special memories (and inside jokes) that only people who had ‘been there’ would understand.

…get inspired:  you found out how hard you can push yourself by competing; that drive doesn’t stop when the competition ends – transfer it back to the box.  Use that performance to inspire your return sessions, and hit some new PRs.

…have fun!  Make jokes, hug your teammates, cut loose in group photos.  Isn’t having fun one of the things we all love about CrossFit Breed anyway?Convinced?  Excellent – talk to one of the Coaches about upcoming competitions CrossFit Breed is looking at attending.  Confused?  Well, you should still talk to the coaches about upcoming competitions – spectators are always allowed, and it’ll give you a chance to not only get a firsthand look at what happens at a competition (having fun isn’t limited to the competitors, you know) but to cheer on your Breed Family members that are competing.

What are you waiting for?

Kevin Byrne was born  in Long Island, NY and has been a CrossFitter for over a year.  He started his fitness journey for health reasons and has lost over 70+lbs.  He entered his first CrossFit competition and we are sure it won’t be his last.

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer


Top 5 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer

Let’s admit it, you hate working out, but deep down you know it’s your number 1 New Year’s resolution year after year.  We all know training and living an active life is part of a healthy lifestyle, but every time you go to the gym you end up on the treadmill or just walking around not knowing which machine does what and another hour of your life has passed you by, again.  If this sounds like your life maybe a personal trainer is your best option.

I mean if you really want a change.  A real change.  A change in mindset.  A change in habit and attitude.  A change that will build self esteem and confidence.  A change for the better.  A Personal Trainer might be your only option.


New Year’s is right around the corner, let this resolution be a firm decision to take action, be held accountable and finally get results.

I am a CrossFit coach, so I am always in a group class environment teaching and instructing multiple clients at the same time.  I also work with clients 1-on-1 and both bring success for different reasons.

Here are 5 reasons for hiring a personal training and their benefits:

  • Professional Skills a personal trainer will create a personalized road map so you can reach your goals.  Goal achievement is the number one reason we workout, so hiring a professional to do it right makes perfect sense.  An Efficient program will maximize workouts in minimal time.  A qualified trainer will prevent injuries by teaching proper mechanic while building strength, flexibility and stability.
  • Accountability & Motivation – a personal trainer will be your number one fan.  They will always have motivating words to keep pushing you through tough workouts and get results.  They will also keep you accountable when you feel like quitting.  Trainers believe in you even when you feel at your lowest and don’t believe in yourself.  
  • Develop a Routine/New Habits –  The hardest things sometimes is getting the ball rolling, breaking the old habits of laziness and comfort.  A trainer will develop a schedule that is realistic for you, a routine in which you can keep and be accounted for.  Once the new habit of fitness gains momentum the routine becomes easier to maintain and results come faster.  Again a personal trainer will be there every step of the way motivating you to reach your goals.
  • Education on a Fit Lifestyle – A personal trainer will educate you on living a healthy life in and out the gym.  The other 23 hours outside the gym will sabotage your efforts in the gym if you aren’t taking proper steps.  These other aspects can be better attained and understood through the help of your personal trainer.  Aspects such as:  Nutrition, Sleep, Supplements, and Reducing Stress Levels just to name a few.  
  • Results – A trainer will build a program to attain your goals and lead you down a path of success.  As a trainer I build relationships with my clients to recognize both tangible and intangible attributes that will achieve planned goals as well as some they never anticipated having.  My personalized programs for the clients are twofold; challenging enough to stimulate change yet properly planned to build confidence.  One word that isn’t in my vocabulary and I don’t allow my clients to think or utter is “CAN’T”.  

Contact Hutch at

Photo credit – Vedhead Photography

New Membership Options (May 2015)

Program Descriptions

CrossFit Basics (6 Session) 60 minutes/coached (M/Th @ 11 AM or 6:30 PM)
Our CrossFit Basic is geared for the novice athlete who has never done CrossFit or members that have been inactive for over a month. This small group sessions will be held 2X’s a week for three week (Mondays & Thursday at 11 AM or 6:30 PM), the final week of the month you can take regular CrossFit group classes. These 6 sessions will gradually ramp up intensity while developing proper technique and building strength. These foundational sessions are a primer to succeed and get the most out of CrossFit.

CrossFit Program (1 hour/coached)
Once you have taken CrossFit Basics you can move on to our CrossFit program. This is our strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. We prepare individuals to face life’s physical tasks with a high level of performance. The programming is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed athlete regardless of experience. The emphasis of this class is on performance, getting stronger, faster and better. The CrossFit program will definitely challenge your athletic performance level.

Gymnastic Program (semi-coached) @10 AM Sundays
Our Gymnastic Program is a system developed to deliver a balance between gymnastic demands needed for CrossFit and to build an underlying strength structure. The program will systematically develop the skills needed to perform better at CrossFit. The class structure will be free flowing, meaning members will be working on individualized programs to advance up the ladder from basic movements to advance movements. Each athlete will be required to pass a baseline standard test in order to advance to the next movement.

Core Conditioning (60 minutes) 2 x/monthly, every other Saturday @10AM
This class is all about mid-line stabilization. One hour of sweaty boot camp style core work without barbells. This class is super fun, highly energized and great to build endurance. It will concentrate on stabilizing the mid-line (lower back, abdominals and obliques).

Personal Training (1-on-1 and personal groups available)
Breed coaches are now available for private training sessions. By taking an individual into a 1-on-1 setting, we can truly tailor the sessions to fit the specific fitness needs of the individual. These sessions are a great way to prepare for regular CrossFit classes or just work on getting strong and lean. Maybe large group settings aren’t your thing, private training session can be your path to fitness.

Open Gym Membership – (add-on feature for Personal Training Clients & CrossFit Members) We are a coaching facility. Our main objective is to provide a safe environment so that members can reach their fitness goals through structured classes or private personal training. That being said we still value – and love – time to play and practice skills. Our ‘Open Gym’ membership is time for athletes to use the gym to practice skills, build strength, work mobility, do homework (workouts given to them by personal trainers/coaches) or work their own program. Priced as an add-on to any of our per class options @$20/monthly. It is included in our Unlimited Option.

(Summer Camp) Teen Training (1 hour/coached)
Teen performance is training for ages 12-18. Athletes develop a foundation of GPP (General Physical Preparedness) giving them the ability to perform any and all task demanded of them in their sport or life in general. Our main priority is Power, Strength and Endurance development. We teach the Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Push up and Pull ups. These movements will progress into more complex movements: ie. Push Press, Clean & Jerk, Front Squat, etc. Each session will include a dynamic warm-up, speed & agility work, strength or skill movements, conditioning and a cool-down.

(Coming Soon) Weightlifting Club
Our Olympic Weightlifting club is an integral part of CrossFit because no other exercise can train as many domains of fitness as the Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk. This class will help you perfect your technique and give you additional strength and conditioning. This club will meet with a coach by the two olympic platform area. The program is an overall classic olympic program with individual emphasis on accessory work. Make up sessions can be done, uncoached, during “open gym” hours.


Current Breed CrossFitter
NOTE: All active members with an Unlimited Membership will remain the same, it will be honored as long as the membership remains active.

New CrossFitter
CrossFit Basics – $125.00 (6 Sessions + 1 week Unlimited CrossFit classes)

Experienced CrossFitter
CROSSFIT MEMBERSHIPS (Auto – Renew – No Contract)
6 classes – $105
Limited – 6 classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes and Core Conditioning
8 classes – $130
Limited – to 8 classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes and Core Conditioning
10 classes – $155
Limited – to 10 classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes, Core Conditioning, Gymnastics class
Unlimited classes – $175 (BEST OFFER/per class)
Limited – Unlimited classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes, Core Conditioning, Gymnastics class, Open Gym and any in-house workshops/programs (ie. double under clinics, 4 week straight strength program).

**Discounts – $150 (15% off – Unlimited Membership option only)
Police, Fire, EMS, Bus Operators, Couples, Teachers and Veterans.

Add-on to any membership option
Open Gym Hours – $20
Must be an active member for this add-on. This add-on is included in the Unlimited membership. This add-on allow you to using the facility during regular hours and “Open Gym” hours.

Pre-Pay Packages (on Unlimited Membership Contracts)
3 months – $470 (10% off)
6 months – $890 (15% off)
12 months – $1,680 (20% off)

My First Pull-Up


All goals are achievable with visualization and belief.  To get a pull up we must implement a special strength program on a constant basis in order to reach this goal.  First thing is first; before we lay out our plan for conquering the pull up we must first ask ourselves,  ‘Why don’t I already have a pull up?’  Here are a couple of realistic reasons:

·         Lack of strength – this will be a combination of back strength and grip strength.

·         You are too heavy – a nutritional plan is always the foundation to shedding excess fat.

·         Technique – you aren’t staying tight enough through the movement.

·         Consistence – you are not practicing enough.

·         Assistance – you might rely too much on bands, or always use your hips on ring rows.

The following program is taken from Box Life magazine, it will ONLY work if you actually commit to it and remain accountable.  It is to be done pre-WOD 3X’s a week with a day of rest in between (ex. Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  Getting your first pull-up is as simple as periodizing four exercises and just requires hard work and patience.  Accountability is the key.

1.       Dead Hang

Find a bar and hang for as long as possible.

2.       Ring Rows

Set the rings at hip height.  Hold on to the rings, lean back slowly until arms are fully extended, legs and torso are tight and straight.  Pull your chest to the rings; DON’T use your hips for assistance.


3.       Segmented & Negative(Eccentric) Pull ups

Adjust a box height to a position where you are able to do a partial pull up.  This height can be inches from the bar, maybe it can be half a pull up (arms at 90 degree), or maybe it can be almost a full pull up.  Your strength will determine the height of the box.  Once you pull yourself over the bar you have done the Segmented portion, now it’s time to work the negative or the lowering of the body towards the ground.  Lower your body in a slow and controlled manner to a dead hang.  Common mistake is lowering slow and controlled and then dropping fast at the halfway point.  Avoid dropping fast at any point, remain slow and controlled.


4.       Barbell Assisted Pull up

Set up a box in front of a rack and set up a barbell up on the rack.  The height of the barbell is determined by your strength level, the weaker you are the higher the bar, so more weight is distributed to the box.  Grab onto the bar and place your feet on the box, now with a vertical torso pull yourself over the bar, be careful NOT to kip (use your hips), slowly descend to a dead hand.  Bar should be high enough where your butt doesn’t touch the ground.


The Program

–Day 1–

The Segment+Eccentric Pull-up

5 sets of 4 repetitions. Take 3-5 seconds to descend to a dead hang. Rest 90-120 seconds between sets. We’re working on strength here, no need to rush.

The Barbell Assisted Pull-up
3 sets of 6 repetitions. Rest 90-120 seconds between sets.

–Day 3–

Ring Rows
4 sets of 8 repetitions. Rest 90 seconds between sets.

Dead Hang
3 sets to failure. Just when you think you can’t hold on any longer, count to 15! Rest as needed.

–Day 5–

The Segment+Eccentric Pull-up
5 sets of 3 repetitions. Take 5 seconds to descend to a dead hang. Rest 90-120 seconds between sets.

The Barbell Assisted Pull-up
3 sets of 5 repetitions. Rest 90-120 seconds between sets.
1 set to absolute failure.

Progressing is simple.

Every week, make small advances to continually challenge the muscles. For the Segmented+Eccentric Pull-up, lower the starting height. For example, if you started at a height on a box with three 10 lb plates, remove one plate the following week. For the Barbell Assisted Pull-up, lower the barbell rack height. If you are already as low as possible without your butt touching the floor, start adding weight to your lap in the form of plates or kettle bells. For the dead hang, just hold on longer. For the ring rows, adjust your feet so your body angle is lower. Repeat this program as long as it takes to get a strict pull-up!

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