Benny Ortega

“It’s Benny, Bitch”

 Anything but basic
Always wears black
In his 5th month Crossfit journey
Benny’s been bouncing back
Anything but bashful
Always ready with a sweet smile
His affable yet tenacious spirit
Helps him go that extra mile
Anything but subtle
Always with a flirtatious eye
His banter so witty
He’s truly a stand-up guy
Anything but easy
Always an ailment to alleviate
Healthier mind, body, and spirit
He is determined to create
It’s Benny, bitch
And it’s only the beginning
In the words of Britney…
“… the world is spinning, and she keeps on winning.”
Here’s to Benny Ortega!!! Keep crushing your fears and stay sexy sweet!!!
With love,
your Breed family ❤
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