Clovis is coming!  In preparation for this brutal training day, we will take the next 3 Saturdays to ramp up our stamina and on Saturday November 15 we will do:

CLOVIS (Hero WOD about 2+ hours)
10 Mile run
150 Burpee Pull ups
– partition the run and burpee pull ups as needed

But first….

Saturday October 25, @ 10 AM class (~30 min WOD)

“1/3-ish Clovis”

5 rounds for time of:

800 Meter run (1 lap around the block)

10 Burpee Pull ups

Saturday November 1, @ 10 AM class (~60 min WOD)

“Rowing 1/2 Clovis”

4 rounds for time of:

2000 Meter row

20 Burpee

20 Pull ups (can jump from ground)

Saturday November 8, @10 AM class (~90 min WOD)

“Almost Clovis”

7 rounds for time of:

800 m run

750 m row

10 Push ups

10 Pull ups

Saturday November 15, @ 10 AM class (~2+ hour WOD)


10 Mile Run (20 laps around the block)

150 Burpee pull ups

*partition the run and burpees pull ups as needed


NOTE:  All the above work outs can be scaled as needed, especially the actual “Clovis”.  Ring rows can be substituted for pull ups.  Training is about getting stronger and being smart, push yourself as hard as you can but never risk injury to complete a training session!

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