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“I did CrossFit when I lived in Colombia.  After I moved to New York I joined CrossFit Breed because I wanted to continue doing CrossFit and my husband, Julian, was a member at Breed.  Once I got to CrossFit Breed I fell in love with the community. I’ve been going to classes almost everyday for two years, I’ve gotten super strong, made so many wonderful friends, and I think of Breed as my second home, even though my husband is a pest and I outlift him.”
– Estefania Panesso

“I adore Crossfit Breed. I first came here randomly when taking a break from dance, tired of the image obsessed body culture in my old gym. and looking for a new place to workout closer to my house. Two years later I’m in love with CrossFit and genuinely consider Breed my second family, some of the dearest friends of my life who’ve been there for me in happy and sad times, some of these freaks were even there when I got married. I can do pullups now, Murph rx, and recently got my CrossFit Level 1 certification. Anyway I’ve been to boxes across the US and even other countries and they’re all cool, but Breed is the best no contest!! Hutch Janice Prabesh Alex are all great coaches.”
– Stephanie Wakefield


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