Gym Hygiene

Hey guys, just like in any other gym on the planet, hygiene in our CrossFit gym matters.  In a nutshell, good hygiene is a BIG deal.  Especially in an environment filled with germs just waiting to attack.  Practicing good hygiene habits will not only keep you and others from getting sick, but it will also save you from potential infections, and other yucky things. After all: germs are everywhere!

Think about how sweaty (and sometimes even bloody!) we get at a CrossFit gym…..yet we rarely remember to wipe everything down when we’re done.  Do your friends and yourself a favor and be sure to clean any and all sweat, blood, spit, tears, and other messes off before you leave for the day.  Let’s try and do this more often, so we can all have a ‘fresh start’ when we pick up a piece of equipment!

Another thing that goes without saying is to always wash your hands before and after you work out!  The gym is, without a doubt, one of the biggest germ and bacterial infested places you can be in.  Not even the best cleaning crew in town could keep all the equipment 100% germ-free, 24 hours a day.  It’s just not feasible. So folks, PLEASE wash your hands before and after each workout if you want to avoid both spreading and contracting illnesses.


Just as a hot soapy shower after an intense CrossFit workout is a must to help us rinse off the sweat and become fresh again, the same goes for our workout clothes, accessories, and gym shoes!  PLEASE try not to use the same gym clothes and gear every session. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of just leaving them at work, or stuffing them into a handy gym bag, and then putting them back on again the next time you want to get your WOD on.  Don’t do it, it’s important to take them home and wash them regularly before wearing them again.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that nasty germs and not-so-sweet smells can live in your clothes and accessories, too!  Shoes that stay in your cubby should be sprayed daily with Febreeze or Lysol to kill germs.  Best to maintain a routine in which you clean ‘em up, switch ‘em out, and keep ‘em fresh!

Thank you for doing your part at keeping our gym as healthy, clean and fresh as we’d like our bodies to be!

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