My First CrossFit Competition


written by Kevin Byrne

“3…2…1 – GO!”

You’re standing there, completely nervous when you finally hear it.  The nervousness stays with you for a moment or two, but then it’s quickly replaced by the adrenaline rush, and before you know it, the moment is over, and you’re left lying on the floor, building up the energy you need to stand up…and go through it all over again.

That’s what happens during a CrossFit competition.

13063008_1015215075240716_4705108153311387960_oRecently, four teams from CrossFit Breed took part in one such competition, out in New Jersey:  Breed Nation (Coach Hutch and Janice Vargas), Gorkhali Breed (Coach Alex and Coach Prabesh), Uptime Breed (Amy Hoffman and Ralph Torre) and Team Stay Strong (Kevin Byrne and Frankie Echevarria), along with Dominika Jargilo and Mia Matkovic.  For some of us, it was our first ever competition; for others, it was a continuation of the path we’ve already laid out for ourselves, and for the rest, it was an opportunity to cheer their CrossFit family members on.

For those who’ve never done it before, participating in a competition is like nothing you’ve ever experienced and something that everyone should try at least once.  It’s an opportunity to really test yourself, outside of the box, and see how far you can push yourself – for example, everyone who competed hit a PR on their clean and jerk, and everyone did the almost unthinkable by taking part in not one, but five WODs in a single day.

What else happens at a competition?  How about…13029523_1015923875169836_4200544890727637082_o

…meet awesome people:  whether they were competitors from other boxes, or vendors, or part of the competition staff, you’re going to meet people and start talking to them.  And seeing as how this is CrossFit, how can that be a bad thing?

…bonding with the other competitors from your box:  you’ll be cheering them on during their performance, and creating special memories (and inside jokes) that only people who had ‘been there’ would understand.

…get inspired:  you found out how hard you can push yourself by competing; that drive doesn’t stop when the competition ends – transfer it back to the box.  Use that performance to inspire your return sessions, and hit some new PRs.

…have fun!  Make jokes, hug your teammates, cut loose in group photos.  Isn’t having fun one of the things we all love about CrossFit Breed anyway?Convinced?  Excellent – talk to one of the Coaches about upcoming competitions CrossFit Breed is looking at attending.  Confused?  Well, you should still talk to the coaches about upcoming competitions – spectators are always allowed, and it’ll give you a chance to not only get a firsthand look at what happens at a competition (having fun isn’t limited to the competitors, you know) but to cheer on your Breed Family members that are competing.

What are you waiting for?

Kevin Byrne was born  in Long Island, NY and has been a CrossFitter for over a year.  He started his fitness journey for health reasons and has lost over 70+lbs.  He entered his first CrossFit competition and we are sure it won’t be his last.

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