New Membership Options (May 2015)

Program Descriptions

CrossFit Basics (6 Session) 60 minutes/coached (M/Th @ 11 AM or 6:30 PM)
Our CrossFit Basic is geared for the novice athlete who has never done CrossFit or members that have been inactive for over a month. This small group sessions will be held 2X’s a week for three week (Mondays & Thursday at 11 AM or 6:30 PM), the final week of the month you can take regular CrossFit group classes. These 6 sessions will gradually ramp up intensity while developing proper technique and building strength. These foundational sessions are a primer to succeed and get the most out of CrossFit.

CrossFit Program (1 hour/coached)
Once you have taken CrossFit Basics you can move on to our CrossFit program. This is our strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. We prepare individuals to face life’s physical tasks with a high level of performance. The programming is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed athlete regardless of experience. The emphasis of this class is on performance, getting stronger, faster and better. The CrossFit program will definitely challenge your athletic performance level.

Gymnastic Program (semi-coached) @10 AM Sundays
Our Gymnastic Program is a system developed to deliver a balance between gymnastic demands needed for CrossFit and to build an underlying strength structure. The program will systematically develop the skills needed to perform better at CrossFit. The class structure will be free flowing, meaning members will be working on individualized programs to advance up the ladder from basic movements to advance movements. Each athlete will be required to pass a baseline standard test in order to advance to the next movement.

Core Conditioning (60 minutes) 2 x/monthly, every other Saturday @10AM
This class is all about mid-line stabilization. One hour of sweaty boot camp style core work without barbells. This class is super fun, highly energized and great to build endurance. It will concentrate on stabilizing the mid-line (lower back, abdominals and obliques).

Personal Training (1-on-1 and personal groups available)
Breed coaches are now available for private training sessions. By taking an individual into a 1-on-1 setting, we can truly tailor the sessions to fit the specific fitness needs of the individual. These sessions are a great way to prepare for regular CrossFit classes or just work on getting strong and lean. Maybe large group settings aren’t your thing, private training session can be your path to fitness.

Open Gym Membership – (add-on feature for Personal Training Clients & CrossFit Members) We are a coaching facility. Our main objective is to provide a safe environment so that members can reach their fitness goals through structured classes or private personal training. That being said we still value – and love – time to play and practice skills. Our ‘Open Gym’ membership is time for athletes to use the gym to practice skills, build strength, work mobility, do homework (workouts given to them by personal trainers/coaches) or work their own program. Priced as an add-on to any of our per class options @$20/monthly. It is included in our Unlimited Option.

(Summer Camp) Teen Training (1 hour/coached)
Teen performance is training for ages 12-18. Athletes develop a foundation of GPP (General Physical Preparedness) giving them the ability to perform any and all task demanded of them in their sport or life in general. Our main priority is Power, Strength and Endurance development. We teach the Squat, Deadlift, Shoulder Press, Push up and Pull ups. These movements will progress into more complex movements: ie. Push Press, Clean & Jerk, Front Squat, etc. Each session will include a dynamic warm-up, speed & agility work, strength or skill movements, conditioning and a cool-down.

(Coming Soon) Weightlifting Club
Our Olympic Weightlifting club is an integral part of CrossFit because no other exercise can train as many domains of fitness as the Snatch, the Clean and the Jerk. This class will help you perfect your technique and give you additional strength and conditioning. This club will meet with a coach by the two olympic platform area. The program is an overall classic olympic program with individual emphasis on accessory work. Make up sessions can be done, uncoached, during “open gym” hours.


Current Breed CrossFitter
NOTE: All active members with an Unlimited Membership will remain the same, it will be honored as long as the membership remains active.

New CrossFitter
CrossFit Basics – $125.00 (6 Sessions + 1 week Unlimited CrossFit classes)

Experienced CrossFitter
CROSSFIT MEMBERSHIPS (Auto – Renew – No Contract)
6 classes – $105
Limited – 6 classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes and Core Conditioning
8 classes – $130
Limited – to 8 classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes and Core Conditioning
10 classes – $155
Limited – to 10 classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes, Core Conditioning, Gymnastics class
Unlimited classes – $175 (BEST OFFER/per class)
Limited – Unlimited classes per month
Programs include – CrossFit classes, Core Conditioning, Gymnastics class, Open Gym and any in-house workshops/programs (ie. double under clinics, 4 week straight strength program).

**Discounts – $150 (15% off – Unlimited Membership option only)
Police, Fire, EMS, Bus Operators, Couples, Teachers and Veterans.

Add-on to any membership option
Open Gym Hours – $20
Must be an active member for this add-on. This add-on is included in the Unlimited membership. This add-on allow you to using the facility during regular hours and “Open Gym” hours.

Pre-Pay Packages (on Unlimited Membership Contracts)
3 months – $470 (10% off)
6 months – $890 (15% off)
12 months – $1,680 (20% off)

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