Tuesday 090517

Programmer’s Notes:   Athletes heading into competition this weekend should be training this week.  Keep intensity high Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday and Thursday begin to taper down intensity and focus on refining movements for the competition.  Friday should be a rest day physically and mentally.  Stay hydrated through out the week and stay focused on good nutrition.  Saturday, competition day, stay calm and relaxed, don’t try any new products (protein, pre-work supplements, etc.) or eat any different than you usually do.  It’s just another training day, bring the HEAT!


Met-Con (For Reps)

4 X (AMRAP X 3)
20/15 Calories Row
20 Toes To Bar
Max Push Press 115/75#
rest 3:00 b/amraps

Pull-Ups (For Strength)

5 sets X 3 reps, build each set

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