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Congratulations to Mat Fraser and Tia-Clair Toomey on winning the 2017 CrossFit Games. What an exciting year this has been for CrossFit in general and for our CrossFit Breed community. We, the coaches, are so excited for the upcoming season and can’t wait to see how you guys develop into your best version ever.
We are so excited to announce so many new ideas, changes, events and programs to serve you guys in the best way and to provide you with the best coaching, professionalism, and service we have to offer. Instead of writing out all these ongoing ideas and developments that will be unfolding within the next few weeks, I will just bullet point them with a brief description.

There are lots of developments, some have started, others will begin soon and some are for the near future. So please bear with us as these ideas catch momentum and begin to roll out.

The Manifest Project – our 6-week foundations’ course which provides new athletes with the confidence and a better understanding of the CrossFit methodology. The coaches are working on providing the best-standardized program to teach mechanics followed by consistency and then and only then add intensity. This currently is an optional On-Ramp course.

Friday Night Lights – If you recall the CF Opens when we had competitive heats or throw downs on Friday evening, the atmosphere was electrifying. We want to bring that excitement back. Coach Alex will be creating workouts and “friendly” match ups to go head to head every (or at least most) Friday Nights followed by celebratory drinks and snacks.

CrossFit Team Series – brought to you by CF headquarters and will be done during some of the Friday Night Light events. This is a 2-person team event, so recruit your best friend or we can link up teams. You both pay $20 and team up vs. the entire CrossFit community. Test your fitness, this is just like the CF Open but in a team fashion. EVERYONE should sign up. I will be checking. Register now at https://games.crossfit.com/teamseries. Workouts will be announced the week of September 20th.

Coach’s Internship Program – You will be seeing assistant coaches helping out with The Manifest Project and also CrossFit classes. They will be shadowing, assisting, instructing and developing their coaching skill alongside our coaching staff.

Coffee Break – to better serve our athletes and learn individual goals on a 1 on 1 basis we would love to take a coffee break with individual members. Our coaching staff will randomly select members for a 20-minute coffee break to chit chat about life, CrossFit, family, injuries or anything else that will help and build better relations between you and your coaches. We are here for you guys and value your ideas and feedback. We want to serve you in the best possible way in and out of the gym. Days and time will be subject to availability from both parties.

Referral Program – CrossFit spreads by word of mouth and who better to spread the word than the members. We know you rave about CrossFit to your friends and family so we want to give back to you as well as a gift to your friends and family with this program incentive. Details TBA soon.

New Breed Programming – Going back to basics. Constantly Varied, Functional Fitness at High Intensity is the core principle in producing the most bang for your buck. The Breed coaches have collaborated in producing such a program that will begin Monday, August 7. It will be lots of basic Gymnastics to develop strength, layered with Weightlifting skill work to improve technique and an overarching design of Intensity to increase Cardiovascular capacity. I am so excited to roll this program out. It will be fun, exciting and challenging for athletes of all levels.

Gymnastics Class – Thursday’s at 7 PM with Coach Alex. To develop and improve body weight movements.

Yogility – Thursday at 8 PM & Sunday at 9:30 AM with Amy. To increase flexibility and improve recovery. Athletes need to take advantage of this class.

New Membership Contracts – as always we are trying to offer the most competitive and best prices in town. Check out our new contracts on our price page or the front desk.

CrossFit Breed Branding – New logo, new apparel, new website, new attitude, new goals, new everything in the future. Closing in on our 4 year anniversary I would love to close out with an epic celebration (TBA) and commence our 5th year with a powerful enthusiasm and an unmatchable excitement.

So here’s to a limitless, stronger, faster future. Fitness is Life.

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